Why MMI?


Thank you for taking a look at the Menace Midwest Invitational.  


We understand that teams like yours put a whole lot of time, energy, planning, coordinating and resources
into tournament weekends. And, we understand that your team has lots of options when it comes
to choosing the tournaments you want to invest in for your soccer players' development.


So, why might this be a good event to put on your calendar?

Thanks for asking, and we hope that this list might help...




1. Great competition  

With multiple divisions at most age groups, our goal is to provide your teams with the opportunity
to match up with the kind of opponents that will make this a great experience on the field. 


2. Outstanding fields

Cownie Soccer Park's 12 grass fields are among the best in the Midwest.


3. User-friendly

We work hard to ensure our tournaments put customers first.


4. Good timing

MMI is the full second weekend of May, when your spring season is
in full swing, heading into the final weeks of your schedule.


5. Your voice counts

Our staff values and listens to your feedback, including the input of coaches and managers
in the process of creating the brackets and schedules.


6. Fun destination

With a metro population of more than 500,000, Des Moines is a welcoming, easy-to-get-around
community with plenty of options for dining, shopping, lodging and entertainment.


7. Hotel services

Our partners at PackYourBoots will take care of your team's hotel needs, based on your requests.


8. Professionally organized

As Iowa's Soccer Leader, the Menace organization takes pride in continually working to improve your
tournament experience. The Menace's mission is to grow soccer, and we're glad your part of it!


9. Tradition

MMI goes back to 2002, and the tournament has built a reputation as one of the Midwest's
top spring events for boys and girls teams.


10. All-around-awesome value

Thanks again for taking a look at MMI, and thanks for all that you're putting into your tournament weekend with us.

We value your support, and our goal's that every one of our guests leaves
with a fun experience and positive memories from our time together.