Thanks for making plans for MMI. How can we help?
Please read over the FAQs below and check out the updated Info Sheet.
If you have further questions, please contact us. 


Why MMI?

 Based on our guests' feedback, we've compiled this list of the TOP 10 Reasons Teams Choose MMI...

When is it?
The 19th annual Menace Midwest Invitational is set for May 9-10, 2020. This "unrestricted" tournament comes at a great time for teams, in their final weeks of the spring season. MMI is the second full weekend of May, one week after our Just for Girls Tournament.


Would this be a good tournament for our team?
We hope so. We'd love to have you and your team with us, if this a good fit. MMI draws a high level of competition from across the Midwest. We are often able to offer two divisions for most boys and girls age groups. This helps in our goal to provide the right kind of competition, allowing your team and your individual players to reach their potential.
We understand that MMI might not be right for all 11U-15U boys and girls soccer teams. When you're researching tournaments, a good place to start is by looking back on past years' teams and results. This hopefully gives you a sense of what you could expect for future tournaments. You can check out our results from recent MMI tournaments by clicking here. Typically, these events attract premier and select soccer teams, as well as competitive and top recreational teams looking for challenging competition.


This sounds like an awesome tournament. How do we apply?
Teams can apply online or by mail. Visit this site or click on the "REGISTER" link in the black bar at the top of this page.
The application deadline for MMI 2020 is Wednesday, April 8.
If you are budgeting for the 2020 tournament, please plan on $630 for 9v9 teams and $655 for 11v11 teams. You'll notice that this is a different payment format than what we've done in past years. Instead of having each team pay parking fees ($150 for 9v9 teams and $175 for 11v11 teams to the City of Des Moines), we are combining the two to make it one payment.
Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In some cases, the registration can close for the most popular age groups, before the application deadline. Teams that are not accepted can elect to be added to the "Waiting List."


Are there any team fees, in addition to the registration? How much?

No. The City of Des Moines charges a Parking Fee, however we have now included this parking fee into the registration fee for the tournament. 
You will notice that the tournament registration fee is more expensive this year, and that is solely because the parking fee is now included into the registration fee. 100 percent of the parking fee portion of the registration goes to the City of Des Moines' maintenance and capital improvements to Cownie Soccer Park -- one of the finest soccer facilities in the Midwest.


Do we need a printed Parking Pass?

No. The City of Des Moines does not require anybody to show a "physical" parking pass during the tournament weekend, and no individual will be charged parking expenses during the tournament weekend. The teams pay the Parking Fee before the tournament, and the host club is responsible for ensuring that all participating teams have paid the parking fee before the event.





How do we check in? What do we need to bring?

 Please click here for details about team check-in.


What can participants expect?

This is one of five youth-soccer tournament weekends annually hosted by the Des Moines Menace -- Iowa's Premier Soccer Team since 1994. Our staff takes pride in providing a professionally run tournament that is user-friendly for all involved.

SCORES will be posted on stat mats that will be displayed on site and updated online during the weekend. Participants can sign up to receive text and email updates throughout the tourney weekend.
PLAYER BENCHES are available on all fields at Cownie Soccer Park.
SPECTATOR SEATING is provided on Cownie fields 6, 7, 8 and 9. We encourage spectators to bring folding chairs.
MERCHANDISE will be available. Fine Designs will be on-site, printing custom apparel. You choose your style of t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and the like, and then customize it with the printing on site.
FOOD is for sale at concession stand, run by the City of Des Moines.
DOGS (that are not service dogs) are not allowed, per policies set by the City of Des Moines.
LOST & FOUND items are held in the referee tent during the tournament. If you are looking for an item after the tournament, please contact the tournament director.


What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

In the event of inclement or unsafe weather, the tournament can be postponed or even cancelled. Typically, only lightning or extreme weather impact the schedule; We play on in most weather conditions. If you are not sure if your games are on as scheduled, please call the Menace weather hotline at (515) 457-6378, or check out the "MESSAGE CENTER" box located right under the MMI logo at the top of this page.  Weather updates will also be emailed and texted to those participants who sign up for tournament updates through the schedule link. As much as possible, tournament staff will call the contact person for each team affected by schedule changes.