Check In



Team check-in will take place on Friday May 8th from 6 to 8pm
at Kum and Go HQ
(1459 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA, 50309).
Local teams, please check in on Friday night. If necessary, teams from outside the area may check in
at Cownie Soccer Park, at least an hour before their first match.
To check in your team at the soccer park, please report to the table in front of the concession stand
(on the right-hand corner as you approach this building). Here, you will find tournament staff to
 welcome you and get your team all set for a great weekend.
Please note: Only one representative from your team needs to be present to check in your team.
You do not need to have any players with you at team check in. Please have your player passes
at the field before each game, for the referees' roll call. 

  Checklist: What you need to bring to check in your team


 Please provide copies of italicized documents for our files.

Please have all passes uniformly hole-punched, in the order that
matches up with the  order of your team roster.


All teams need to present:  
>> Official team roster (approved by your association)  
>> Player passes for all players and coaches    
>> Medical  releases (do NOT need to be notarized) for all players


Teams with guest players need to present:
  >> Guest-player form (if required by your association); Maximum of five guest players per team.
>> Player passes for guest players
>> Medical releases (do NOT need to be notarized) for guest players

    Teams from outside Iowa must present a permission-to-travel form,  
unless they are affiliated with US Club Soccer.